Food Express equipment includes:

With many years of experience, we have learned that a clean, safe and well-maintained equipment fleet is imperative in the food grade industry. We offer a wide range of equipment types and sizes to accommodate a wide range of products, payloads and distance. We offer the following food grade equipment to suit your needs.

  • 300 company owned tractors
  • 450 trailers
  • Dry bulk
  • Liquid
  • Self-loaders and vacuum trailers
  • Van trailers
  • Warehousing
  • Container transfers
  • Sea container tilt chassis
  • Mobile sifter trailer
  • Portable railcar heating unit


  • Day cabs and sleeper units to service local and line haul loads
  • CNG units to improve sustainability
  • Lightweight to maximize payloads


  • Spec’d trailers utilizing highest food safety standards
  • Light weight trailers to increase payload
  • Wide range of trailer types to accommodate various products


  • Prepass for scales and port of entry’s
  • Electronic logs
  • Air weigh
  • Electronic dispatching
  • Mobil image capturing
  • Samsara- e-logs and GPS tracking
  • Lane departure, adaptive cruise, collision avoidance, anti-rollover
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